Erectile dysfunction (ED) means that you can’t achieve an erection that’s firm enough for sexual intercourse, or that you have difficulty maintaining an erection. If ED seems to be an ongoing issue, it could be related to stress at work or in your personal life.

ED can also stem from many conditions:

  • Hypertension
  •  Atherosclerosis
  • Heart disease
  • High cholesterol
  • Sleep disorders
  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Prescription medications

Sometimes, over-the-counter medications are to blame, too. For instance, if you take antihistamines for allergies, they could be triggering your ED symptoms.

Because there are so many different potential causes for erectile dysfunction, it isn’t something you should ignore.

Dunamis Aesthetics is home to some of the most innovative ED treatments available:
GAINSWave and the Priapus Shot (P-Shot®).
GAINSWave is the premium brand of extracorporeal shockwave therapy for ED, performed by our highly-trained medical provider.Treatment is all-natural and clinically proven using high-frequency shockwaves to enhance male sexual function, performance, and overall health. It is the only non-invasive procedure that treats the root cause of erectile dysfunction in men by increasing blood flow, releasing growth factors in the tissue forming new blood vessels, and breaking down micro-plaque in the penis.

  • Drug free & surgery free
  • Totally Non-invasive
  • Simple In-office Procedure
  • Over 75% Success Rate
  • No Downtime
  • Little to No Known Side Effects

involves using a specialized handheld device to send high-frequency, low-intensity shock waves into the region around your penis. This effect improves blood flow to your penis by stimulating the development of healthy new vessels, as well as removing plaque buildup from vessels you already have.

The P-Shot involves creating platelet-rich plasma (PRP) by gathering a small sample of blood from your arm and processing it in a centrifuge. What’s left is your signature PRP, a substance that’s full of tissue-building growth factors and cells. Dr Familua simply injects the PRP into various spots around your penis and those powerful growth factors go to work to build new vessels and repair damaged tissues.

Dunamis Aesthetics want to help you find an ED treatment that works for you. If needed, we may also prescribe prescription medications to help improve blood flow to your penis and minimize issues with sexual dysfunction.

Get started on your erectile dysfunction treatment at Dunamis Aesthetics right away by booking a consultation. Schedule your visit online or over the phone.

Individual results may vary depending on the underlying cause.


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