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Laparoscopic loop colostomy using an esophageal retractor and a penrose drain: surgical technique.

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Department of Surgery, Harlem Hospital Center, New York, NY.


Laparoscopic Loop colostomy has been described in the literature as a safe and useful minimally invasive technique. It is indicated in patients with large perineal wounds requiring fecal diversion, obstructing lesions of the distal colon or rectum. The purpose of this article is to describe a modified version of this procedure which was used by 1 surgeon in our institution on a series of 5 patients. In this method, an esophageal retractor and Penrose drain are used to tent up and exteriorize the desired segment of colon to be used for the colostomy site. Results were that all 5 were completed laparoscopically and there were no complications. In conclusion, this variation in the technique has been useful in our institution and others may find it worthwhile to consider.

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